React Native

What is React Native? How to Make a Cross Platform Mobile Application with React Native?


Before moving on to what React Native is, it is useful to look at what React is. React is an open source JavaScript library for developing user interfaces (UI). It allows you to create complex interface units thanks to small and isolated parts that we call components.

Created by Facebook with the slogan "Learn Once, Write Anywhere" and shared and made available on GitHub in March 2015, React Native is a software framework that allows creating mobile applications on Android and iOS devices using React, the Javascript library.

It is one of the indispensable systems of the mobile application development world. Anyone who wants to have a high-performance corporate or individual mobile application can use React Native technology. This application is shown as a hybrid type of framework. However, the features it contains are far superior to hybrid technology. It is a system that can be easily used in mobile applications for different needs from every sector.

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