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What can you do with the Travel Agency App?

Spend less time on your operations thanks to the convenience provided by the Travel Agency App portal. Have more time to make your customers happy.


Tour Management

Comprehensive tour management allows you to specify the category, target area and duration of each tour. It also allows you to enter basic information such as the name of the tour, dynamic prices, departure points and features of the tour. This helps you make sure your tours are clearly defined.


Reservation Management

You can easily manage tour and transfer reservations from customers. Thanks to the automatic e-mail system, ticket printing and WhatsApp sharing, you can maintain your relationships with your customers faster and healthier.


Content Management

It enables the management of content on the website such as blogs, articles, dynamic pages, tour details, tour program, things included/not included in the tour. Thanks to dynamic language management, you can enter the languages of all content according to the languages available on your website.


Zone and Zone Points Management

Region descriptions make it clear which regions your tours target. The same tour can be defined in multiple regions so you don't have to deal with redundant content entries. Zone hotspots play a critical role in providing brief information about the landmarks of certain zones and conveying to customers that they will receive special attention. This makes your customers feel that their tour experience in a particular region is special and carefully designed.


  • Price Types

           The system gives you complete control and flexibility regarding pricing. Managing and customizing your tour prices allows you to create pricing strategies that fit your business needs.


  • Tour Departure Routes

           With this module, you can determine a departure route to collect your customers from different regions and various points of the city. This allows your customers to easily get to the tour starting point and makes the tour organization smoother.


  • Transfer Management

           It helps to manage transfer services efficiently in the tourism and transportation sector. This module allows you to create a record of vehicles used, specify transfer zones and manage distance charges.



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