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Custom Solutions

Special Solutions

Businesses that offer products and services to people on various subjects always want to have good prestige and working conditions. Because businesses with advanced conditions convey their professionalism to the other party in the best way.

This means taking an important step towards branding. Each corporate company has its own concept and working principles. Websites, various images, software and applications to be designed must be designed accordingly.

For this, an effort should first be made to understand the dynamics of the company and reveal its potential. With some meticulous, detailed and comprehensive examinations, it is easy to determine what the company needs in terms of development.

If you want to find professionally special solutions for your company in every field, you can contact us. You can safely receive the best support from all our staff who are experts in their fields.


Software Projects

Software developed in various types helps companies improve their performance in providing services. In order to produce a better workforce, sites always need the creation of some special software and programs.

A very meticulous and meticulous study should be undertaken on this subject. People who are competent in their field always help companies successfully in this regard. We devotedly make every effort regarding the situation in line with the experiences we have gained.

We design beautiful software and programs tailored to the expectations and needs of companies. We always try to guide all processes successfully by using Agile software methodologies.

We are not limited to just producing some documents in the process of creating software projects and developing them. At the same time, we establish face-to-face contact with our customers and take their demands and requests into consideration.

We act by taking all opinions from our customers about what is missing or what needs to be completed.

Ultimately, we make the software designed with the latest back tests fully functional for the company. If you wish, you can contact our company to create the most professional solutions for your company.


Operations Management

Companies always want to create value and create a strong brand in their business field. It is always possible to achieve this. However, first of all, certain plans must be created with meticulous work specific to the company.

Operational management allows everything about providing service to be seen, tracked and analyzed in the most detailed way. Companies operating within such a system have the opportunity to direct their work in a more controlled and disciplined manner.

If you need something in terms of software or programs for your own company, you can safely get the support you need from us.


What is Operation and Process Management?

Operations and process management have a very special and important place in companies. Because companies successfully monitor situations such as the efforts of their workforce.

In addition, analyzes of how satisfied customers are with the services they receive are also easily made through some surveys. All of these are included in the operation and process management mechanism.

Therefore, an operation process mechanism that allows monitoring of certain actions must be put into place for each company. If you wish, you can get the chance to produce all kinds of solutions by contacting us in this regard.


TulTrack and Promuhasebe The Best Online Pre-Accounting Program

Thanks to accounting programs, companies have the opportunity to keep detailed track of many things such as income and expenses. They never face any issue or difficulty in managing their financial operations.

Everything about money inflow and outflow movements, the bank, documents and the general status of the safe is learned thanks to these programs.

Almost everything, from creating invoices for services provided to sending them to the other party via e-mail, is done through various pre-accounting programs. We offer you the quality programs you need, under the best conditions.


TulWork Easy Employer and Personnel Application

There is a need to use a good application for employer-employee tracking within almost every company. Employer-employee applications are absolutely necessary for creating scorecards, tracking them, and seeing the entire process of what work will be done on a daily or weekly basis.

We make the TulWork application, whose infrastructure we have knowledge about, available for your company in the most trouble-free way. Thanks to TulWork, you can easily track payroll transactions.

You can also get good support from this application in successfully establishing coordination between employees and employers. It is possible to directly record all your financial transactions thanks to the high-quality TulWork application.


TulPark Mobile Parkomat Application

One of the applications that are important for businesses that operate parks is parkomat applications. This application offers assistance under the best conditions in monitoring the parking status of vehicles in the relevant area and parking them safely.

The parkomat application, which works via smartphones, allows corporate companies to easily carry out their transactions in this regard. You can have a good parkomat mobile application specific to your company with the low-cost services you receive from us.


Mobile Application Ideas

Another important area in which we can produce special solutions is the development of various mobile applications that allow you to benefit from the services of companies. Corporate companies always need various mobile applications in order to run their business more easily and to provide convenience to people in purchasing services. It is important at this point to develop various applications specific to each company. You can contact us for either hybrid or native mobile application solutions.

We successfully design a number of projects for many corporate companies that run successfully on all mobile phones with Android and iOS operating systems. We design a beautiful mobile application that fully suits the dynamics of that institution.

These applications are divided into different groups. We develop location-based applications for data collection, increasing social interaction and making them usable for companies.


Web Application Development

Another of the most necessary applications for companies is the applications that have a dynamic activity on the web. With applications developed for this area, companies have the opportunity to significantly reduce their workload. That's why, in addition to mobile software, there is also a need for beautifully designed web software and applications.

Companies receive great support from specially designed web applications in terms of adding new things to their working conditions and ensuring the fluidity of their work. By contacting us, you can always easily get good help in this regard that you will be satisfied with.


Best Websites

One of the most indispensable things for a company is to design their web pages to be in the digital space.

Visuals should be selected, colors should be determined and a pleasant web page should be created to successfully reflect the beautiful dynamics of the institution to the other party.

We are always ready to assist you in this matter with confidence and professionalism.


SEO and Search Engines Focused Web Page

It is always necessary to keep Google dynamics at the forefront in the process of creating website software and designing a page. It is important that people always find the relevant site when they are looking for it.

Therefore, when creating a web page, many things should be added to it regarding SEO. Together with our experienced team, we successfully create fully organized Google-focused web pages on behalf of each of our customers.

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