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Mobile Application Development Service

Nowadays, almost everyone uses smart mobile devices and performs many transactions through mobile applications. Mobile applications; It offers the opportunity to perform many transactions from your location in a short time.

For these reasons, businesses are keen on mobile application development. Thanks to mobile applications, businesses achieve more effective results by highlighting their products and services. As Tulpar Yazılım, we provide the most suitable service for you in this regard in a short time.

With the development of social media and digital environment, much more widespread mobile applications are emerging. Getting support from experts is among the most important issues for the platforms to achieve the most successful results. Thanks to our expert employees, we make it possible to achieve your goals by taking your business one step forward with the development and support of your mobile application.


How Do We Define Mobile Application Developer?

Software developers who provide mobile application development services are called mobile application developers. Mobile applications vary depending on phones and systems. In general, nowadays special mobile applications are developed for Android and iOS operating systems. Mobile developers learn development languages and technologies specific to these operating systems.

Developmental services for gaming, health, business efficiency and various personal development applications come to the fore. It becomes possible to achieve much more effective results with the developed application types. Especially in recent years, it is possible to achieve the most successful results thanks to the services provided by our expert staff. You can get help from us to present mobile application types in the most effective way.


What Does a Mobile Application Developer Do?

Mobile application developers develop mobile applications suitable for iOS and Android operating systems. When starting a mobile application, they choose among native, hybrid and cross platform framework development options. As Tulpar Yazılım, we prefer react native (cross platform framework) or native development options.

Some of the issues that mobile application developers are interested in are as follows:

  • It designs mobile applications in line with the target and deals with the software of these designs.
  • It produces effective work for low cost and high efficiency.
  • It provides control systems of applications at certain intervals.
  • It follows the developments in the technological and digital world very closely.
  • It provides studies to reflect the data in the most accurate way.


What is Required to Become a Mobile Application Developer?

In order to provide mobile application development services, it is necessary to have a certain educational career and/or to be trained with an expert staff. Graduating from 4-year departments such as computer or software engineering and/or having a good command of the mobile world helps to provide effective service in this regard.

Since these people are much more knowledgeable on the subject, they can help their customers reach their goals by helping the mobile application development processes proceed in the most accurate way.


What Software Languages Do I Need to Know to Become a Mobile Application Developer?

It is not possible for people who do not specialize in programming languages to provide mobile application development services. For this reason, he/she must have expertise in at least one programming language.

Our expert staff includes people who are experts in this field and master at least one of the programming languages. Thanks to our expert staff who are proficient in Java, C#, Objective-C and Javascript programming languages, we help you develop your mobile application as soon as possible and achieve your goals.


Native Mobile Application Development Service

The most performant and effective way of developing mobile applications is native. However, since the native application development method will increase costs, development services appropriate to the project should be provided. We analyze our customers' projects in the most accurate way and provide appropriate service.

While developing a mobile application, coding is done separately for Android and iOS platforms, so many developers are involved in the service, resulting in an effective result. We prefer Java and Kotlin for Android and Objective-C and Swift for iOS.


Hybrid Mobile Application Development Service

The most common and most cost-effective technology hybrid development service among mobile application development services. Ionic Framework is one of the most common infrastructures among hybrid technologies. With Ionic Framework, we can develop with html, css and javascript codes, just like creating a website. In this way, all development experts who are familiar with web technologies can develop mobile applications.

As a result of the hybrid mobile application development service, special printouts can be obtained for Android and iOS platforms and published in market accounts.

We offer you professional hybrid mobile application development service and market (app store and google play) management with our expert team in this field. If you also need a mobile application, contact us immediately.


Cross Platform Mobile Application Development Service

“What is a cross platform?” The answer to the question is briefly; It is a type of development that features the creation and development of more than one mobile infrastructure program.

In today's fast world, the mobile application market is growing at a rapid pace. As a result, mobile marketing has become more competitive. That's why you need to be very meticulous about the approach followed for mobile app development service. To create a successful mobile app, you need to follow a systematic approach to app development.

Below are 10 basic steps to create the mobile app:

1. Define Your Goals.

2. Determine Your Application's Functionality and Features.

3. Research Your Competitors.

4. Prototype and Use Your Case Study Situations.

5. Test Your Prototypes.

6. Review and Test Processes.

7. Choose a Development Path.

8. Improve Your Mobile App.

9. Test Your Mobile App.

10. Publish Your Mobile App.

The developed mobile application can make many contributions to your business. Some of these are:

· Increases your sales or increases your income by providing a new income stream,

· Creates interaction by providing a resource for your target audience,

· Develops a corporate identity for your business,

· Increases your brand awareness and improves your mobile marketing strategy.


What are the Usage Areas of Cross Platform?

This method can be preferred in almost all mobile applications. It produces an extremely effective result for businesses and individuals who want to reach the most effective level of development in the shortest time. Cross platform; Since it can use all the features of the operating system, it allows all operations performed in native applications.

Cross platform development service; It ranks first in both the infrastructure and development of gaming, health, education, sports, social media, friendship, chat and many other business-specific mobile applications. It has the principle of running more than one operating system with a single code. It stands out because it is one of the busiest and most effective mobile operating systems.


What is React Native? How to Make a Cross Platform Mobile Application with React Native?

Before moving on to what React Native is, it is useful to look at what React is. React is an open source JavaScript library for developing user interfaces (UI). It allows you to create complex interface units thanks to small and isolated parts that we call components.

Created by Facebook with the slogan "Learn Once, Write Anywhere" and shared and made available on GitHub in March 2015, React Native is a software framework that allows creating mobile applications on Android and iOS devices using React, the Javascript library.

It is one of the indispensable systems of the mobile application development world. Anyone who wants to have a high-performance corporate or individual mobile application can use React Native technology. This application is shown as a hybrid type of framework. However, the features it contains are far superior to hybrid technology. It is a system that can be easily used in mobile applications for different needs from every sector.

We provide this service to you in the shortest time and in the easiest way with our special mobile application developers. We offer you professional cross-platform mobile application development service and market (app store and google play) management with our expert team in this field. If you also need a mobile application, contact us immediately.

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