Web & Mobile Application Special for Tattoo Studios

Tattoonets Tattoo and Piercing Studio Management Application


Tatoonets is a cloud system consisting of web and mobile applications, specially prepared for Tattoo & Piercing studios, that enables and facilitates communication within the institution. Thanks to this system, branches, personnel and intermediary persons can be managed. There are also sales and cash transactions modules in the system.


Ticket, Appointment and Reservation Management

Thanks to this module, all your reservations can be recorded. Reservations; can be listed using branch and date range filters. Records can also be kept under manual control by printing Excel output according to the desired filter.

When recording a tattoo reservation, the tattoo artist is notified via e-mail and mobile application. Thanks to notifications, the tattoo artist can get information about the date and time he will make the tattoo. If there is a transfer for the reservation, an e-mail and notification will be sent to the driver. In this way, communication within the institution is completely ensured.


Transfer Management

With this module, all your transfers can be recorded. Transfer requests based on reservations and independently created transfers can be listed as a date filter.


Sales Transactions Report

It is a module that helps calculate the deposits of daily sales and the remaining amounts of the reservations to be made for the day. You can make exchange rate-based group calculations in end-of-day calculations and print out your daily transactions by transferring them to Excel.


Cash Transactions Report

In general, it is the module where the cash register movements are located. Thanks to the branch and date range filter, cash transactions can be easily tracked. Amounts other than commissions related to reservations are recorded as income, and commissions are recorded as expenses. If there is a deposit for the reservation, it is recorded in the cash register according to the reservation date, and after the reservation is completed and confirmed, the remaining amount will be the reservation income, and the commissions of the agent, infoman and tattoo artist will be the reservation expense.

For more detailed information and to access the project page, please click on tattoonets.com.

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